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New Amsterdam - tymebrayker

by Josiah Boornazian aka tymebrayker

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Time just fades Temporary lives Our illusions Drift by And We don’t know What we should do Facing lost moments We can’t renew What’ll we do to - get through Ev’rything we know we’ll never do All the things time and life hold Back from me And you Life and time Drift on by That is why I must try to live my life Free from all that would stop me from being here Right now with eyes that are opened wide Seeing clearly All of the moments I’ve been given As I just long to slide on back to you my new Amsterdam, Please be true and renew my time Time just fades Temporary lives Our illusions Drift by Amsterdam Always waiting here Please be true now Renew
Alone 03:55
Gilmore 02:43
Interlude I 00:50
I wonder, as I wander- The water so cool- Shades that fade into one another... I think we’re all just like that- Impressions on the surface, Reflecting and hiding what’s beneath. But you can feel it, As times flows into itself, If you search, at the point of the River’s infinity.
Interlude II 01:51
Arc of a Day 03:45
We had to step over all the debris It was falling all around us But even the darkness of the night fades Like the fog of my mind’s own strange dreams And then we saw the truth behind it all thinking this all can’t be the real world? Because we saw it all collapse today and Now we know we’ll never sleep alone Yet we know- Perfectly Something makes us feel Like we built this place For us to be free, If only for tonight And then we start living out of our heads It’s all there- just for us -we create it all in the arc of a day It’s all there- just for us, yes, we create it all in the arc of a day
Metropol 02:46
The Yes Axis 02:20
Boomerange 03:09
Dissolve 03:13
Ballade 04:14
It started out so brilliantly, oh Where did it all go sideways? I thought we had it all planned out for us But we can’t really know what tomorrow will bring Now I think that everything we’ve shared means nothing And I ought not to have opened my heart, no Can’t you see now I wish that we could fix it But I can’t find the life we lost in time’s confusion Yes oh yes I really need to know - please tell me that it isn’t so Oh please tell me I don’t have to go, oh yes I really have to know I should know that there is nothing here - For me I can’t believe I wasted these years and cares - for nothing And then you tell me just to forget about it - really, honey? But you know I just can’t do that now don’t you? And you really want me to go now don’t you? honey Yeah you really want me to leave now, don’t you? Honey sure you really want me to go now aren’t you? honey Yeah you really want me to leave now, don’t you? Whoa-o-oh
Let You 03:02


released November 24, 2018


all rights reserved



Josiah Boornazian aka tymebrayker

Josiah Boornazian (aka tymebrayker) is a producer, composer, electronic musician, and educator active in Texas, Miami, California, and New York.

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